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A Dog’s Dinner

by | 13th, November 2003

‘HOLLY Valance may be so homesick that she has to pretend she is in Australia by posing in a bikini even in the middle of winter, but Madonna is a true Cockney sparrow.

The Beaufort Hunt’s new uniform raised a few eyebrows

In fact, our Madge is as British as Dick Van Dyke, telling David Letterman that she is now an ‘Anglophile’ who likes doing quintessentially British things like, er, driving on the left hand side of the road, going to the pub and shooting birds.

‘I’m not a vegetarian,’ she says in the Star. ‘The idea is that you go out, go walking, take a dog and basically shoot your dinner.’

If you’re not a very good shot, that normally means dog for dinner.

However, at least it is a bit different from what Madonna grew up with the US where you go out, go walking, take your bitch and basically shoot whoever you want.

But it’s not just about the shooting – it’s about the fashion. As we all know, bloodsports enthusiasts have long been at the cutting edge of couture.

‘The most important part of it is that you wear these fantastic three-piece tweed suits,’ said Madonna. ‘They are very stylish.’

And there was us thinking – in our cancerous way – that they made you look a complete dick.’

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