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Heart Of Darkness

by | 14th, November 2003

‘MANY of the greatest artists have produced their finest works from the very pits of despair.

‘Help me if you can, I’m feeling down…’

While losing his crown as Parliamentarian of the Year to Michael Howard is not in itself a devastating blow, it is nonetheless another chip away at Tony Blair’s Teflon-coated skin.

But in times of trouble Tony doesn’t turn to Mother Mary and let it be. Tony reaches for his air guitar, slides his pre-greased, shaved legs into some Lycra and screams along to the tunes of the Darkness.

We know this because the Independent was in attendance yesterday afternoon when Tony told children of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School in Southwark, London, about his musical bent.

Tony says that whenever he dips into his children’s CD collection, he bypasses Leo’s Noddy CDs and Euan’s Bavarian Drinking Songs and reaches for The Darkness.

Of course, ‘Ugly Rumours Do Cliff’ is always on in the Blair household by way of musak, but with enough oomph on the volume knob, the Darkness obliterates all that goes before.

And that includes D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better, anything by Oasis and UB40’s Cherie Oh Baby.

As Tony now screams to anyone within earshot: “Stuck in a rut! Stuck in a rut for eternity. Stuck in a rut! Stuck in a rut for eternity.” (Repeat until 2009).’

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