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Liar Liar

by | 17th, November 2003

‘TONY Blair should be careful – the CIA, Pentagon and FBI are apparently considering using brain scans to tell whether a person is lying or not.

FBI locate Bush’s brain in a Texas bar

The Guardian explains that it takes more mental energy to lie and investigators believe the resulting brain activity will provide an unmistakable “Pinocchio response”.

So, when Blair says that Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weaponry that can be deployed in 45 minutes, his nose might not grow, but a trigger in his brain will set alarm bells ringing.

Unfortunately, the same technology cannot work on President Bush, when he says that Saddam helped plan 9/11 or insists that Iraq had bought enriched uranium, because he has no mental activity to scan in the first place.

However, the Guardian says scientists believe the technology can be used for other purposes such as detecting people with racial prejudices and identifying psychopaths.

Of course, the tattoo ‘White Power’ on the skinhead’s scalp is quite a good indicator in the first instance, as is in the second instance an almost Messianic belief that it is your mission to destroy “evil folks”…’

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