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A Lawler Unto Herself

by | 17th, November 2003

‘ANDY Roddick, the American tennis player, is “amped”.


That’s a new word for us here at Anorak Towers, and we now add it to the 55 or so different words we already use every day.

But you must not feel ashamed and embarrassed by your relatively small vocabulary. We are professionals. And to feel better, you can always cock an ear to Kate Lawler.

Kate has only two words in her entire vocabulary. But that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a presenter on TV and dating footballer, Jonathan Woodgate. It might have even helped.

As such, we’d be unsurprised to find that when OK! met with Kate they’d find her in a “wicked” mood. She’s moving into a new flat and that is just “wicked”.

But not everything is wicked with Kate all the time. Just as life can be wicked, it can also be bad. And so we learn that Kate is “gutted” to be leaving her old flat, the one she shared with her friend, Jo.

But she must not worry herself. Things are set to improve, not least of all to her language. And today we can introduce a new word into Lawler’s Lexicon.

News is that the morning show she fronts, the awful RI:SE, is to be dumped on the programming scrapheap.

And so the new word for Kate to ingest over her morning orange juice and toast is “unemployed”.

It’s a “wicked“ word, and one that is sure to leave Kate “gutted”. Why, it’s as if it was especially coined to suit and describe her particular talents…’

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