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Pudsey Bares All

by | 17th, November 2003

‘THOSE sticking with our FAME FAST correspondence course now reach the hard bit.

Help support Celebrities In Need

We know that you will only do nudity if the part absolutely demands it, but this is the celebrity hunt and it does.

Perhaps while you’re reading this, you might like to be naked. It will get you into the part and make you feel at ease.

Better if you can get into a bath and, in so doing, empathise with the fine work of Coronation Street’s Suranne Jones.

Suranne has moved on from showing off her knickers (see all other weeks) and is now fully starkers.

Were it not for the bubbles cascading round her shoulders, you’d be able to see that celebrities are just like the rest of us.

The difference is that whereas you get in the bath to further your career, Suranne gets into the tub naked for charity.

It’s Children In Need, and to highlight the plight of needy children Suranne is taking a bath in some Pudsey soap. Pudsey is the bear mascot of the annual telethon.

But don’t be alarmed if you don’t have a soap dispenser in the shape of a stuffed teddy with one good eye, since you can produce a similar effect with a squirt of washing up liquid and a lusty fart.

Next week, module four: Developing An Acceptable Regional Accent – Scouse, Cockney or Scots.’

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