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The Famous Fifteen

by | 24th, November 2003

‘LIKE you, we’ve been wondering who’ll play Jonny Wilkinson in a soon-to-be-made TV biopic about the all-kicking wonder.

Robinson, Dallaglio and Wilkinson commiserate with George Smith and his soggy meringues

Since Jonny plays his club rugby in Newcastle, and Tony Blair used to watch him kick a ball into the net from the Pavilion End at Elland Road when he was a wee bairn on Tyneside, our leader is the obvious candidate.

But while Tony continues his struggle into Lycra, other names are thrown up: Euan Blair, Nicky Blair, Leo Blair and Ewan McGregor.

Oops, sorry! We’ve just heard in the Telegraph that McGregor might not be available to play Wilkinson should he take up an offer to play that other English hero, Jamie Oliver.

News is that Michael Kuhn, who had a hand in the making of the movie Four Weddings And A Funeral, plans to turn the life of England’s pukka champion of the deep-fried tongue into a movie.

The film will centre on Oliver’s efforts in Jamie’s Kitchen, the TV show in which our hero tries to mould 15 disadvantaged youngsters into a winning unit.

Yes, FIFTEEN! Which means that Euan Blair might yet get his chance to play Wilkinson, the waiter who can dropkick a plate of baked black mission figs with cashel blue cheese and pancetta, lemon thyme, hazelnuts and Selvapiana ‘millefiori’ honey with rare aplomb.


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