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Oliver’s Army

by | 24th, November 2003

‘HENRY Ford may have thought that history was bunk, but TV producers can’t get enough of it at the moment with tonight’s documentary about Oliver Cromwell providing a backdrop to the BBC’s costume drama about King Charles II.

"Restoration! Restoration! Restoration!"

Following on closely, as it does, the recent drama about King Henry VIII, the Tudors and Stuarts cannot have had as much exposure for the best part of 300 years.

Christopher Eccleston narrates tonight’s hour-long documentary about a man who is most famous for his brilliant military success in defeating King Charles I in the English Civil War and then having the king beheaded.

What is less well-known is just how unpopular Cromwell became after the war, a religious bigot who – like a 17th Century Tony Blair – decided to ban just about every pleasure imaginable.

He would even have taken the crown himself had he not realised that in those circumstances his military commanders would have deserted him. King Oliver 1? It doesn’t sound quite right, does it?’

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