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by | 25th, November 2003

‘FOR some the glass is half full, for others it’s half empty, and for the Express it’s in thousands of different pieces on the floor with the contents spilling out of it.

Our cup overfloweth…

The paper that makes the Mail look like a spring lamb on Prozac is determined to rain (bombs) on the victorious England rugby team’s victory parade.

”Victory Parade Terror Threat,” says its front page, with a warning that a massive rugby carnival could become a target for Osama Bin Laden and his suicide bombers.

Luckily, the other papers are still happy to revel in Saturday’s victory, with the Star suggesting that England’s rugby heroes ”staged a mile-high love-in” aboard the jet that was flying them home from Sydney last night.

”Champagne flowed and they got together at last with wives and girlfriends aboard a jet renamed Sweet Chariot,” it explains.

And one half expects Prince Harry to have been among them, with Prince Charles’s youngest son a central figure in the team’s post-match celebrations.

The Mirror has a picture of the carrot-topped prince playing bongos at the players’ all-night party in Sydney.

”Harry was swigging beer, but he wasn’t drunk,” said an onlooker. ”He was in his element.”

In fact, the only thing missing to make this a proper Royal knees-up was a massive spliff and a visit from self-styled comedy terrorist Aaron Barschak.

Unfortunately, the man who gatecrashed Prince William’s 21st birthday party dressed as Osama Bin Laden was being detained at the Prince’s grandmother’s pleasure.

The Sun says he was given a 28-day prison sentence by Oxford magistrates, who said the public should be spared his ”publicity stunts” in future.

That being the case, can we look forward to Jodie Marsh starting a 20-year stretch and Jordan going down, so to speak, for life?’

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