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The Naked Truth

by | 25th, November 2003

‘AS Kylie Minogue promises a new demure look and promptly flashes the flesh for Vogue, we learn about a new device that can turn all of us into pop starlets at the flick of a switch.

Early trials weren’t always 100% successful

The Millimetre Wave Camera is a security scanner that has been developed to aid in the fight against terrorism by ”undressing” members of public to detect concealed weapons.

And the Mail says it will be deployed on the streets of London in the run-up to Christmas to try to protect against terrorist attacks and fight gun crime.

That means that for a brief instant we can all know what it is like to be Kylie or Rachel Stevens as we prance around Oxford Street naked.

The paper says the devices, which are entirely harmless to the subject, were originally developed to help helicopter pilots see through the smoke and fog of a modern battlefield.

Scientists hope the same technology can be used to reverse the process, secretly ”dressing” celebrities and members of the public without their knowledge.

A prototype has already been tested on an Emma Bunton video with encouraging results.’

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