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by | 25th, November 2003

‘WE’D like to start by saying a hearty thank you to Jonny Wilkinson for his kind words. To play such a big part in your success needs no thanks. Your success is all the reward we need.

The Jonny Wilkinson Memorial Hall

That said, we hope that Arsene Wenger can be equally inspired when he leads his Arsenal to their Champions’ League do-or-die game against Inter Milan tonight.

The portents for success are already very good as the Times spots no lesser a figure than Jeremy Beadle stepping aboard the team’s official plane.

If anything can be guaranteed to get the players’ hearts thumping and their aggression high it must be spending the best part of four-hours stuck in a vacuumed tube with the prince of pranks.

The Gunners might of course just be playing a trump card in their bid to sign West Ham striker Jermain Defoe.

The Guardian says that they have joined the race for the player, hoping to secure his signature before he plumps for Manchester United.

Beadle’s presence in the Arsenal camp might just swing it their way, although United’s celebrity contingent of Eamonn Holmes and John Virgo does provide stiff opposition.

Of course, what Defoe should ask himself is what Jonny Wilkinson would do when confronted with such a choice.

England’s cricketers should consider the same. As Nasser Hussein tells the Sun: “We need a Jonny.”

“Make no mistake,” says the former England Test captain, “the one thing any England team needs in any sport is a superstar – it just turns any side around.”

This would cut some ice if England with Ian Botham had been cricket World Cup winners or Beckham’s England football team had won any silverware.

English sport has had its stars and still lost. The fact is that Wilkinson did the job when it mattered.’

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