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by | 26th, November 2003

‘WHEN England’s 30 victorious rugby players returned to Britain early yesterday morning having won the World Cup, they were welcomed home a crowd of some 8,000 people.

‘And my next song is by The Wonder Stuff. It’s called The Size Of A Cow’

When Pop Idol wannabe Sam turned up at the Alhambra Shopping Centre in his home town of Barnsley yesterday, he alone was mobbed by 2,500 screaming fans.

It kind of puts the whole thing into perspective, doesn’t it?

ITV might have been delighted with the 14.5 million people who tuned in to see Jonny Wilkinson’s drop goal that brought this country sporting glory at last, but more people than that watch Coronation Street each week.

Indeed, by the looks of the pictures in this morning’s papers, most of the people who were at Heathrow Airport in the small hours were photographers.

And the Sun, a paper that prides itself on accurately reflecting the mood of the country, clearly knows the relative importance of Pop Idol and the Rugby World Cup.

Indeed, it notes that for all 17-year-old Sam’s popularity in West Yorkshire, he came only third in the paper’s phone poll – a massive 36% by Michelle (or should that be 36% behind massive Michelle?).

Most unpopular of the remaining five is Susanne, and Pete Waterman thinks there is a deliberate publicity drive to get her kicked out.

“I saw a story about Susanne wanting bodyguards and I thought ‘Mmmm – somebody is trying to put about bad stories for political reasons’,” he tells the Mirror.

“I see Susanne every Saturday night. I’ve talked to her and I don’t see that kind of girl but I’m seeing all these negative stories.”

However, back to the Sun and Michelle is getting her own back on Susanne for allegedly calling her “a fat cow” by accusing the 21-year-old blonde of…having bad hair.

“You hair is damaged at the roots and you’ve got a cheap colour,” she said.

Ouch! Next they’ll be having a go at each other’s choice of nail polish.’

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