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by | 26th, November 2003

‘IT’S not only Pop Idol contestants who have to take the brickbats with the bouquets; the judges don’t get off completely either.

G-strung Durch Technik

And this morning it is Simon Cowell, spotted on a beach in Bermuda, who gets a going over from the Mirror.

The good news, it says, is that he has ditched his high-waisted trousers; the bad news is he was swapped them for a pair of hideous swimming shorts.

‘His too-tight, garish Bermudas should definitely have been voted out of his beach wardrobe,’ it says.

But it’s not just Simon Cowell’s beach wardrobe that needs attention, judging by a story in today’s Star, which reveals that the wears G-strings under his trousers.

So reports fellow judge Neil Fox, who claimed: ‘Simon doesn’t wear pants – he wears black G-strings that he gets sent over from the States.

‘And he only likes to wear them once before throwing them away.’

The radio DJ also revealed that Victoria Beckham’s mum rings him up and gives him an ear-bashing any time he says anything that is not 100% positive about her daughter.

Get dialling, Mrs Adams – we think your daughter’s a talentless try-hard, whose head is far too big for her body…’

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