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Kat Slated

by | 28th, November 2003

‘WE all know that one good thing has come out of EastEnders star Jessie Wallace’s arrest for drink-driving – she may have lost her licence, but she has gained a fiancé.

The pits

And not just a fiancé, either, but (after PC Dave Morgan quit Essex police earlier this week) someone to drive her around for the next three years as well.

Unfortunately, she has also gained a reputation for being what the late Alan Clark described as “economical with the actualite” – or a liar, in more common parlance.

The 32-year-old, who plays Kat Slater in the BBC soap, told a court that she had drunk two glasses of wine but her uncle had spiked them with double vodkas.

She was stopped by police on the way home.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I didn’t understand. I was upset – very upset. I was hysterical. I was really crying. I didn’t understand.

“I couldn’t believe I was over the limit when I thought I had consumed two glasses of wine.”

But prosecutor Charles Llewellyn accused her of telling a story about it. “You have come to court and lied,” he said.

And the judge agreed, saying that she had “fallen far short of showing these drinks were laced on that night”.

The Star says the actress’s career is hanging in the balance after the verdict, although it doesn’t explain whether this is because of the conviction or her terrible acting in court.

For our part, we would merely inquire how anyone could not notice that a glass of wine had been spiked with a double vodka.

What type of wine do Jessie’s uncle and aunt serve up at their home in Hatfield Peveril – and remind us never to ask for any…’

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