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King Of Bling

by | 28th, November 2003

‘THE Queen got the thrill of her long and distinguished life yesterday when she was granted an audience with David Beckham and his wife Victoria.

Gong but not forgotten

The England football captain was even gracious enough to allow Her Maj to bestow on him one of the baubles in her gift, a ribbon with a cross attached called an OBE.

However, judging by the pictures on the front page of all this morning’s tabloids, there is scarce a diamond to be seen on this OBE thing.

In fact, its bling quotient is so embarrassingly low that we are sure David wouldn’t be seen dead wearing it in public.

In fact, yesterday he showed the Queen how it’s done, sporting a 32-carat diamond ring worth an estimated £5m and, according to the Mirror, “almost overshadowing his OBE”.

His wife opted for a bracelet studded with heart-shaped diamonds, matching earrings and a 14-carat white diamond ring – an ensemble also worth about £5m.

However, the Queen has the last laugh – the Mirror reveals that the diamonds are actually borrowed…from Bond Street jewellers Chopard.

The Queen, on the other hand, not only can afford her own jewellery but is no stranger to a bit of bling herself.

The Star of Africa, for instance, the diamond in the Royal Sceptre, is a whopping 530 carats, which equates to almost 17 of Becks’ rings.

And the Cullinan II, the diamond in the Imperial state crown, is 317 carats – or 23 of Posh’s pathetic sparklers.’

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