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Just Say No

by | 1st, December 2003

‘“PSSST! Fancy a six-mile jog? Top quality stuff – lots of hills to run up. It’ll really get your pulse racing. And I’ll throw in half an hours of weights just for you.”


For many years now, the authorities have been testing athletes for drugs, but perhaps they have got it the wrong way round.

New evidence suggests that exercise can be just as addictive as cocaine, tobacco or booze – and, says the Guardian, withdrawal symptoms are just as acute.

A team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison watched mice manically sprinting on exercise wheels and then measured withdrawal symptoms when they were kept off the treadmill.

“In the high-running mice, certain brain regions displayed extremely high levels of activity, more than normal,” said Justin Rhodes, one of the researchers.

“These were the same brain regions that become activated when you prevents rats getting their daily fix of cocaine, morphine, alcohol or nicotine.”

And don’t even talk to us about what squirrels are like when you try to get them off the smack.’

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