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The Pout Is Out

by | 2nd, December 2003

‘WHAT the Sun calls ”showbiz’s most famous pout” may be on the way out.

A Colgate moment

Of course, the most famous pout is that on the face of Leslie Ash, she of the pout of a trout.

Then there are the pouts of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Billy Idol, Monica Lewinsky and so on. However, somewhere further down the list is the subject of the Sun’s story: Victoria Beckham.

The occasional singer has, it seems, paid £5,000 to have her teeth seen to. They are now straighter and whiter than ever before.

And this could be the end of her pout. A close source says that her pout was the product of an intense dislike of her teeth.

But we wonder what on earth the source is talking about. Every time Posh pushes her head in front of a camera – and it’s often – she adopts not a pout but the demeanour of a stroppy Pekinese.

The mouth opens, the teeth gape apart a centimetre and the tongue is pressed behind the top set.

The closed-mouth pout may have been the product of something else – like the presence of a microphone or food…’

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