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Green, Green Grass Of Home

by | 3rd, December 2003

‘IT is an oddity that, given the masses of foreign students, asylum seekers, backpackers and Antipodean barstaff in Britain today, we still hanker for a life overseas.

”I fancy starting a new life in Solihull”

Does the very presence of so many non-Brits in our midst not tell us something? Is there not a vital clue in their just being here?

Of course, things change when we meet them, particularly those drawling barmen and women.

While we gaze out at the grey sodden landscape, clutch the small pieces of change Gordon Brown hasn’t already picked from our pockets and drink some over-priced syrupy concoction, they tell us about life back home.

Back there the sun is shining. The birds are singing. The drug-free meat is cooking on the hot charcoals. The wine is cold and crisp. You can’t see the air. Life is good.

So off we go, and in tow we take with us camera crew, a soundman and clapboard. Tonight the team of No Going Back arrive in Andalusia.

And the wannabe ex-pats they film are surprised to see that a dilapidated farmhouse over there looks very much like a dilapidated farmhouse back here – albeit without the film crew…’

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