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by | 5th, December 2003

‘CHANNEL 4’s Unreported World slot has been consistently engaging since its inception. Tonight it is no less so as we are introduced to Clubbing On the Frontline.

‘An eye for an eye, but twenty sheckles for an E is taking the piss’

The programme follows three Israeli clubbers in the run up to the country’s largest and most exuberant music festival, the Love Parade.

This is a side of Israel that it has become unfashionable to show in the mass media, chiefly thanks to a nasty left wing agenda that seeks to agitate hatred and loathing by repeatedly telling us how terrible things are.

The programme works best when it shows that what we consider normal in the west is still commonplace in Israel.

The thousands of clubbers go clubbing for a release from the pressures of being young and to have fun.

The presence of suicide bombers and high tensions between Israelis and Palestinians appear as concerns for the youth, but not their main concern.

Unlike their leaders, the clubbers seem to think of the future and seek ways of escaping the past. This is one place where the hackneyed musician’s clenched-fist salute to peace and love really cuts some ice…’

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