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Going To Pots

by | 8th, December 2003

‘IT was touching to receive a special commendation for our work “Vomit Into Sock”, but in the Turner Prize second is nowhere.

”Will it make my bum look big?”

But we are not bitter, and next year’s entry, a work in progress where a human bowel is filled with our solid waste, makes us among the early front runners for the gong.

But to this year’s victor and the Times, where Grayson Perry, for it is he, can be seen standing with his wife, Philippa, and daughter, Flo.

To avoid confusion, Perry is the one in the dress. His wife is the one in the glasses. And Flo is the one with the broad grin and questioning eyes.

The Telegraph has a similar shot of the winner and his family, labelling the artist “a transvestite potter with a strong line in pornographic and paedophile imagery”.

That’s quite some CV, and far more of what the fashionable ones who know about these things would call ”edgy” and “sexy” than a mere Constable or Turner with their easels and sensible shoes.

And the title of Perry’s works are pretty near-the knuckle too. Stand back ‘The Haywain’ and make way for pots bearing such titles as ‘Posh Bastard’s House’, ‘Boring Cool People’ and ‘Art Dealer Being Beaten To Death’.

We could suggest that Perry is confronting his prejudices through his work. But we are not brave enough.

But he has given us an idea for the title of our bowel movement piece: “The Turner Prize.” Well, what else would you call a load of shit?’

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