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Two Out Of Three

by | 8th, December 2003

‘WHAT did Meatloaf say? Two out of three ain’t bad.

Jade didn’t know about the underwater cameras in the Maldives

So when OK! announces that it has got pictures of Jade Goody’s ”hot new body”, we shouldn’t be disappointed to discover that it looks very like her old body.

But a body it most certainly is and, as it to be seen relaxing on the beach in the Maldives, we are not surprised to hear that it’s hot.

In fact, so hot is it that a bikini-clad Jade is to be seen cooling off by splashing around in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

And even a close call with the Japanese whaling fleet could not detract from Jade’s enjoyment, as boyfriend Jeff Brazier explained Jade’s secret.

”She’s been getting up at 7.30 most mornings to go down the gym,” he says. ”When you have an attitude like that, it’s obvious you’re going to end up looking as well as Jade.”

Particularly when the gym doesn’t open until 9 o’clock and the only thing open at that time is the greasy spoon next door.’

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