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Shane On You!

by | 8th, December 2003

‘IT is nice to have the chance this week to get to know our fellow Hot Stars readers a bit better, courtesy of the magazine’s 2003 poll.

”They call me Mr Sex”

And what a confused, mixed-up, Will Young-loving bunch we are!

Victoria Beckham comes fifth in the poll to find the sexiest woman and is named the third best dressed celebrity, but also makes it into the Top 10 most irritating celebs and is the seventh biggest minger of the year.

Jade Goody wins plaudits for the best image revamp of the year, but is only fourth behind Jodie Marsh, Jordan and Gareth Gates in the running for most irritating celeb and is the fifth biggest minger.

Will Young is the fifth best dressed celebrity and the seventh worst dressed – another category in which Jordan and Jodie record a one-two clean sweep.

Will also gets the vote for best solo artist, best album and best music video, while being pipped to the sexiest man title by David Beckham.

But the big favourite among us Hot Stars readers is not Becks nor Kylie (despite being voted sexiest female and best-dressed celeb), but Shane Richie.

Not only does Shane somehow scrape into fifth place in the sexiest male category, but he is named best TV character, one half of the hottest screen couple, is part of the best TV programme and was involved in the best storyline of the year.

Shane Richie! What is wrong with you people? Next you’ll admit that it was you who voted Jessie Wallace sexiest woman in soaps in each of the last four years.’

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