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Mo Down

by | 9th, December 2003

‘IN this new-found surge of patriotism and love for all things English, let us raise a glass or two to the nation’s most popular soap opera.

Marks out of 10?

No, not The Royal Family, but EastEnders, that everyday story of miserable folk living miserable lives in miserable surroundings.

A toast first of all to Laila Morse, the 67-year-old actress who plays Mo Slater in the BBC programme.

Oh dear! It appears that Laila has crashed off her seat and is now lying prostrate on the floor after a five-hour boozing session.

The Sun watches her hit the canvas at 1.30am at the annual British Dyslexic Association fundraising night – and refuse all help to get up.

In fact, the paper says, she spent five minutes on the carpet at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel before a middle-aged female pal helped her to her feet and a waiting taxi.

So, let’s forget about Big Mo and raise a glass instead to Big Jessie, Albert Square’s Kat Slater and the sexiest woman in soap for the past four years.

But Kat’s not on her chair either – and a quick look under the table fails to locate her.

Oh, here she is…in the gent’s toilet at the gay Club Fuk in Brighton.

And, says the Star, she is peering over the shoulders of the four fellas at the urinal giving them marks out of 10 for their equipment.

”It was a bit of a surprise but she was very complimentary to all of us,” said one of the men involved – none of which necessarily reflects too well on the size of fiancé Dave Morgan’s truncheon.

But Dave is standing by his woman, claiming that ”she feels she’s been stitched up”.

And as an ex-copper, he should know more about that than most of us…’

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