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by | 11th, December 2003

‘ANYONE who can make a woman of average looks, below average talent and with no discernible career into arguably the most recognisable face in Britain deserves our admiration.

Victoria Beckham relaxes at home

In fact, so impressed – if possibly a little mystified – is David Beckham by his wife’s continuing celebrity that he has decided to jump on board.

It may have cost him £2m to buy himself out of his contract with SFX, but now his interests will be looked after by his own company, Footwork Productions.

And that, says the Express, will allow him to work more closely with his wife’s advisers, notably Simon Fuller, the man who foisted the Spice Girls, S Club and Pop Idol on us.

And, as if to show Fuller’s expertise in this department, it is not a picture of the England football captain that illustrates this morning’s story but of the woman who was by common consent the spare part of an all-girl group not exactly noted for their vocal talents.

The Mail also plasters pictures of “struggling artist” Victoria Beckham over Page 3, taken as she modelled items from Damon Dash’s Roca Wear clothes label at a Selfridges fashion show.

Dash may not be well-known this side of the Atlantic, but he is responsible for giving us one of the biggest laughs of the year by trying to repackage Posh as a hip-hop star.

“Her attitude is gangsta,” the record mogul told the Express. “She knows how to make money – that’s gangsta.”

By that token, Sir Richard Branson is gangsta – horrible sweaters and all. And Bill Gates. And Sir Cliff Richard.

Admit it, Damon – Posh is about as street as a black Labrador at a pheasant shoot in Gloucestershire.’

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