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Messiah Complex

by | 12th, December 2003

‘ONE woman who married a younger man is Victoria Beckham, who writhes around on the front page of the Sun in a futile bid to relaunch her pop career.

”Water into wine! Feed the five thousand! But I can’t make you into a singer”

The artist formerly known as Posh is planning to release a double A side single later this month, featuring a pop track and a Damon Dash-created R&B number.

But having heard both, observers think that the 29-year-old might make musical history – by creating the first double B-side record.

Victoria, however, ploughs on regardless, complains to the Sun that pop music is “just not the same as it was when the Spice Girls were around”.

“I do think that pop music has deteriorated since that time,” she says.

If that is true, then that makes her continued failure to get a No.1 record that much more tragic.

However, if she is in need of a miracle – and, let’s face it, it would take one to propel her terrible new song to the top of the charts – she need only turn to her husband.

“I was talking to my mum and she said, ‘You know the only other person who’s had that haircut other than Day-vid?’” Victoria told I-D magazine.

“I said, ‘Who?’ and she said, ‘Jesus’.”

Him and every footballer to come out of Argentina in the past 40 years.’

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