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by | 17th, December 2003

‘SIEGFRIED and Roy are famous for two things. Firstly, they seem to have hair made of a substance not hitherto known on planet earth.

Do not try this at home

Secondly, they perform a magic act with white tigers, one of which gave his critical analysis of a routine by trying to sever Roy Horn’s head from the rest of his tanned and buffed body.

That is the interesting stuff. A lifetime’s work of entertaining the masses distilled into a folical and a set of flaying claws.

There is mp escaping the truth that it’s the painful bits that make the most memorable viewing and telling – just ask anyone who watched motor racing.

And tonight, FIVE gathers all these remnants of flesh into a show it likes to call: Extreme…Animal Attacks.

Meet the circus worker whose tiger ate his hand. See crocodiles bite. Watch an angry elephant exact a nasty revenge on her keeper.

This is better than the circus…’

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