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Who Judges The Judges?

by | 18th, December 2003

‘THERE are certain jobs that, once you have got them, are almost impossible to lose. One of them is being a judge. In fact, no judge has ever been sacked for incompetence – and Mark Easton wants to know why.

”Maybe I would be better as a blonde”

We regularly hear stories of judges who are so far removed from the world that periodically sullies their courtroom that they may as well be sitting on the Appeals Court on Mars.

Remember the judge who didn’t know who Paul Gascoigne, then at the height of his fame, was – and, on being informed he was a footballer, inquired: “Rugby football or association football?”

That may not be incompetence as such, although one imagines that knowledge of the world around you is as valuable for a judge as knowledge of the law.

But there are plenty of examples dredged up on Channel 4 tonight of judges nodding off during trials and the like to make you wonder what exactly you have to do to get the sack.’

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