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Money Isn’t Everything

by | 19th, December 2003

‘JONATHAN Bradshaw is not just a semi-namesake of Jonny Wilkinson.

”I spent all my money on the bike, so I couldn’t afford Anorak’s new range of hardwearing leisurewear”

He is also an academic at the University of York, and he has been conducting research to determine what constitutes poverty in Britain today.

His findings are reported in the Times, and they make interesting reading. His conclusion certainly gives food for thought.

”The absence of a bicycle is not a sufficient reason to say someone is poor,” he argues, ”but combined with other things it could be.”

He goes on to list other absences that might indicate reduced circumstances, such as shoes, furniture, two ha’pennies to rub together, and so on.

And he is right of course – if you don’t have an oily rag to call your own, then how can you live off the smell of it?

On the other hand, money isn’t everything. What does life hold for the millionaire, surrounded by bicycles but denied the laughter of a tiny child or the wet nose of a puppy?

And rich is the man who, though his feet are bare and his clothes are in rags, is gifted by God with a dozen children and six wild dogs – all with healthy appetites.

Happiest of all is the man who, by dint of his innate good taste and good business sense, kits himself out in Anorak’s famous range of affordable hardwearing leisurewear (now including pyjamas and fur-lined boots) and enjoys – FREE OF CHARGE – the daily delights of our wonderful website.’

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