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Walters, Walters Everywhere

by | 19th, December 2003

‘TELEVISION has more Annual General Meetings than pretty much any other industry.

”It’s for my colossal humanity, you know”

These Soap Awards and Bafta Awards are routinely self-aggrandising affairs. Even the Oscars, the daddy of them all, loses all impact and pretence at entertainment as soon as Billy Crystal has finished his introduction.

Sure, the leading lady cries and thanks everyone for being there for her special day. And some ancient looking type appears on stage to collect a lifetime achievement award for ensuring the catering truck arrived on time.

But, as we say, it’s not all that entertaining.

And to compound this, there are Extraordinary General Meetings. These are called when something amazing and out of the ordinary has happened.

And tonight there’s one such shindig, and it’s in honour of Julie Walters. It’s called Julie Walters – a Bafta Tribute and it’s on BBC1 at 8:30. It’s on for an hour.

A better tribute to the actress would have been to write an hour-long show in which she could star and display her talents. What we get instead are her showbiz pals telling us how grrrreat Julie is.

Robert Lindsay actually pays tribute to her “colossal humanity”.

Talk about fat cats…’

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