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Happily Ever After

by | 22nd, December 2003

‘WHERE would the newspapers be without scientific surveys?

A life of misery

Barely a day goes by without the publishing of new ”findings”, all carefully moulded by our journalistic friends to fulfil the demands of their editors’ voracious appetites.

Today we are told in all papers – but let’s take the Independent, because it’s nice and light in its new tabloid format – that men are happiest when they are ”serial monogamists”.

This means ”a succession of faithful relationships but never getting married”.

The research was carried out by the University of London. No doubt they are correct, if their remit is to evaluate the personal arrangements of that much-maligned figure, our old friend ”the man on the Clapham omnibus”.

Or ”the man in the street”, if you prefer. Or ”the man on the streets”, if you want to be all modern and ‘with it’ about it.

Or the ”regular Joe”, if you are reading this in America – or are an American reading it somewhere else.

Anyway, the point is that for most men this is as good as it gets, and represents the best to which they can aspire.

But we here at Anorak have been experimenting with alternative forms of living for many years, and have arrived at what we humbly believe to be the ideal domestic arrangement.

A small, select group of confirmed bachelors, living and working in traditional surroundings, and enjoying the company of other men in a wholesome and uncomplicated relationship based on mutual respect and good manners.

Nirvana? Well we don’t like to brag, but that doesn’t sound far off the mark.

The mental effects of this agreeable state of affairs can be seen every day in our wise and unbiased coverage of the great events of the day.

This of course is its own reward, but many of us have also received the call to the palace to collect gongs of various hues.

As yet, no-one has felt the need to decline the invitation.’

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