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Fat Chance

by | 22nd, December 2003

‘IF Maria Church or Kyle Johnson has their hands full, it’s nothing compared with Simon Fuller and BMG who somehow have to turn Michelle McManus into a pop star.

Mark was always punching above his weight

The Glasgow heavyweight won ITV talent show Pop Idol on Saturday night after getting the majority of the 10-million votes cast and, with it, a £2m record contract.

But the result was not to everyone’s liking with Pete Waterman apparently storming out of the studio after it was announced.

Fellow judge Simon Cowell explained to the Mirror: ”I know he cares passionately and I know he never thought Michelle was a pop idol – he has said so all along.

”He’s got very strong views and he basically acts according to how he is feeling at that moment.”

The trouble is that ITV viewers were faced with a choice between 15-stone Michelle and Mark Rhodes, a man so boring he makes bland seem exciting.

While the Star makes fun of the ”roly-poly” singer with its headline ”Michelle Havin’ It Large”, the Mirror listens to the 23-year-old talk about the cruel jibes she has had to endure about her weight.

”She showed,” says the paper, ”that ordinary people are not as image-conscious as followers-of-fashion think. There is a lesson there, especially after Fame Academy was won by someone who is openly gay.

”Let’s hope this means that we are becoming a far less prejudiced society.”

And let’s hope that Pig Air gets off the ground – with Michelle on board.’

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