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The Virgin Bride

by | 5th, January 2004

‘MARRY in haste, repent at leisure is an adage as true today as it ever was. But for busy Britney Spears the realisation that she married the wrong man took just 12 hours.

”I’m saving myself for marriage”

The Sun hears an unnamed pal of the singer claim that, after two days of hard partying, Britney and one Jason Alexander took a ride to the Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, and tied the knot.

Well, it was more of loose bow since moments after saying, ”I do” Britney recognised her folly and called for an annulment.

Even the recipe for a successful marriage, as written on a card given to the couple by the chapel owners (”Take two hearts full of love, two cups of friendship and four armfuls of gentleness”), could not save the day.

As luck has it Mr Alexander-Spears-Oops! is not contesting the annulment, so not placing any claim on his wife’s wealth and blessedly sparing us from hearing about whether he did or didn’t have sex with her.

Indeed, as the Express’ picture shows, Jason looks like a nice enough lad, all preppy and clean cut in that neat and wholesome American way.

And his parents are happy for him, too. Jason’s dad, Dennis, speaking from his one-floor wooden house, tells the Express that he doesn’t blame his son for doing something he’d have done himself.

”If Jennifer Lopez had called me up and invited me to New York I’d have been straight there,” explains Dennis, who given the amount of news space given to Britney’s nuptials would do well not to stray too far from his phone.’

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