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Stars And Their Cars

by | 5th, January 2004

‘PUBLICITY is the oxygen of the celebrity classes. And we can only wonder at how far a celeb will go to keep their name in the papers.

”If you’re not the one”

Mindful of this (but far from accusing anyone of pulling a dangerous publicity stunt), we learn in the Express that Daniel Bedingfield has been involved in an horrific car crash.

While in New Zealand, his jeep skidded off the road and flipped on to its roof, crushing Daniel’s neck.

The singer, who the paper reminds us with palpable lack of sensitivity has enjoyed three No.1 ”hits”, has serious fractures to his second and third vertebrae.

This is all very worrying, not least for Daniel; but the Express reminds us that the star is not the originator of the headline-making traffic accident and merely follows in the skidmarks of others, chief among whom is Ozzy Osbourne.

The paper says that after his quad bike accident, Ozzy ”died twice” and was in a coma for eight days.

The somewhat ironic result of that prang is that unconscious Ozzy (although he is now awake) remains high in the public consciousness, occupying no less lofty a position than second place (Britney Spears is at No. 1) in the OK! Celebrity Chart.

Daniel Bedingfield’s pluck has enabled him to get a spot at No.6, which although not the prized fourth No.1 of his career, is a decent enough effort.’

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