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Three Chairs For Vinnie

by | 7th, January 2004

‘FROM high life to low life, the Sun moves away from Diana to show us what Vinnie Jones is getting up to these days.

Vinnie does ‘concerned’

In ‘WHITE VIN MAN’, the paper follows the former footballer as he embarks on his latest role as a humble community service operative.

In scene one, Vinnie takes hold of one end of a large cupboard. Another man in a baseball cap not dissimilar to Vinnie’s grabs the other end. On the count of ‘Three!’ they lift and carry the cupboard into a building.

The group is known as the Dacorum Paradise Furniture Project and has been appearing in Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

But if you want to catch the show, you’d best be quick because this production is running for just 80 hours, after which time Vinnie will once more be appearing anywhere where he can talk about life in LA, his showbiz mates and how damn hard he is.

But before that, the Sun hears what one local reviewer is saying about Mr Jones’ performance.

‘I saw these blokes loading some chairs and tables into a neighbour’s house and realised one of them was Vinnie Jones,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t believe it at first.

‘He had his baseball cap pulled down quite low and he looked like he was trying to avoid being spotted… At one stage he was talking on his mobile phone while the two other blokes did all the work.’

The Sun’s publicity stills bear out Vinnie’s versatility, as readers see him flitting between sheepish, brooding, idle and plain hulking in a manner not unlike a young Olivier.

Tomorrow look out for Vinnie touring in your area. And if you need a hand lifting and shifting some furniture, don’t be afraid to ask – Vinnie will relish the chance to get further into character.’

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