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by | 7th, January 2004

‘AT Anorak, we feel it is our role merely to impart the news of the day to our esteemed readers, not to embellish it with comment.

Do NOT try this at home

With this in mind, we are content simply to pass on a report from the British Journal Of Cancer, which is reproduced in this morning’s Telegraph.

Its conclusion, reached after a study of the diets of 40,000 Japanese men and women, will come as a blow to those with a salty diet, who evidence suggests are twice as likely to develop stomach cancer as those with a low-salt diet.

The news, however, is made easier to swallow, by the news that rates of stomach cancer are declining in Japan, owing (according to the Telegraph) to a reduction in smoking, salted and pickled food.

Yeah, and the rest…’

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