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Daylight Robbery

by | 12th, January 2004

‘SUSPICIONS that referee Paul Durkin is related to Manchester United’s equally small and ginger Paul Scholes are made stronger with today’s news.

”What does Alan Shearer have to do to get a penalty, ref?”

The Guardian hears the referee in yesterday’s match between the Uniteds of Manchester and Newcastle say how he was wrong not to have awarded the Magpies a penalty for a trip by Tim Howard on Alan Shearer.

“I suppose Newcastle can count themselves very unlucky… Watching it now on slow-motion replays, it does look a penalty,” says Durkin.

And so it looks to Shearer, who claims, “If I was playing in red, it would have been a definite penalty.

“It’s obviously too much for Alan Shearer to get a penalty in front of the Stretford End.”

While we marvel at Shearer’s continuing use of the third person in conversations about himself, his comments are picked up on by the Guardian.

Evidence suggests that Shearer has a point, as the paper notices that since December 4 1993, United have conceded a paltry three penalties at home. And they were all missed.

But while one side of Manchester breathes a sigh of relief, the other, the blue half, must be worrying about the state of their team.

The Independent picks over the bones of another defeat for Kevin Keegan’s charges and hears a few words from old-boy-turned-tormentor, Portsmouth’s Eyal Berkovich.

Playing an instrumental part in Portsmouth’s win over City was not enough for the midfielder, who got a good dollop of salt to rub into the festering sore.

“Everyone knows I fell out with Keegan,” says Berkovic. “I didn’t see another reason why he didn’t play me as I was the best player in training for six months and everybody knew that.

“Forty-five thousand supporters knew that I had to play, but he was behaving like a big baby. I told him that. He deserves to be sacked.”

And given City’s poor form of late, Keegan might well be out sooner rather than later.

But City fans should note that the chances of any new broom sweeping City towards the top of the table are as remote as them, or any team, scoring a penalty at Old Trafford.’

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