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by | 15th, January 2004

‘THE Sun had better watch out – when Clare Short promises to do something, she does it.

Jordan can fashion a whole wardrobe out of clingfilm

When she said she was going to resign from the Cabinet if Britain went to war with Iraq without a second UN resolution, she did it.

Admittedly, it took her the best part of two months to do so, but remember which one it was of the hare and the tortoise that won the race.

So, having cleared the filth out of the Augean stables that is the red-top press, Clare’s next labour will be to fight for the rights of the furious telly stars who have just found out that Jordan is to be paid four times as much as them to appear in the next series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

The Star says famous names such as, er, Peter Andre, Diana Modahl, Jennie Bond, Lord Brocket and Kerry McFadden are threatening to go on strike unless they receive equal pay.

ITV bosses have apparently agreed to pay the nine contestants £30,000 each to compensate for loss of earnings while they are in the Australian jungle, while Jordan will be getting something closer to £100,000.

Of course, the extra amount is not only in recognition of the fact that viewers actually know who Jordan is, but it also takes into account the model’s jungle training.

She is, in fact, the product of a hideous ménage a trois involving Ray Mears, Steve Irwin and a camel – and is able to survive for months without food or water in even the most inhospitable environments.

All of which should be fantastic news for the other nine jungle dwellers.

If ITV is paying them £30,000 each for loss of earnings, we can only assume it expects them to be in the jungle for several months, if not years.’

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