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Taking Pot Luck

by | 19th, January 2004

‘CHILDREN who plan to celebrate the new morning-only school timetable by spending their afternoons hanging round amusement arcades smoking spliff, beware.

The Government’s new leaflet proves to be more than useful

The Independent reports that many of the country’s police forces plan to ignore new laws to downgrade the possession of cannabis.

Under the new law, possession should no longer be an arrestable offence except in aggravated cases, such as smoking outside schools.

People who are caught smoking should be warned and their weed confiscated.

However, according to the Indy, six out of the 20 forces in the country intend to continue arresting people or issuing them with a caution if they are caught in the company of Mary Jane.

The six areas in which PC Plod knows best are Bedfordshire, Cleveland, Lancashire, Northamptonshire, Avon & Somerset and Lincolnshire.

The Indy says that from this week the Government will be spending £1m on radio adverts and leaflets to tell young people about the changes in the law.

We at Anorak advise you all to get your hands on one of the leaflets – they make very good roaches.’

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