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Joke Bombs

by | 20th, January 2004

‘AH, the famous British sense of humour. It’s something to be rightly proud of. What other nation can boast a list of jokers like Freddie Starr and Hale And Pace?

Hale & Pace – so funny they were locked up for life

And now adding her name to that list is British funny girl Samantha Marson, who wowed the authorities at Miami airport by her act, ‘You Idiot’.

The Sun takes up the story on its front page, following Samantha up to check-in, where in Dom Joly mode she prepares to make the American tail wag.

Dressed casually with a small rucksack on her back, Samantha approaches the gate. ‘What’s in the bag?’ ask the straight man, ably played by an American cop.

‘I’ve got a bomb,’ replies Samantha. And while the crowd hoot with laughter, the cop slaps some handcuffs on her and places her under arrest.

‘She was in floods of tears,’ says a policeman in the audience, himself wiping away a tear of mirth.

And the reward for this jape could be a six-month contract at one of America’s premier institutions, known locally as Dade County Jail.

And before you complain that Americans have no sense of irony, take a listen to this.

‘This is something we take extremely seriously,’ says a Miami police spokesman ‘Talk of bombs is no laughing matter.’


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