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Pet Project

by | 20th, January 2004

‘THERE is nothing that TV execs like more than a tried and tested format – and the success of Wife Swap has persuaded Channel 4 to flog this horse until there is no life left in the poor creature.

Also appearing on Pet Swap

So, we now have Boss Swap, which tonight sees Geordie car dealer Mike swap places with Bruce, a hard-nosed estate agent from south London.

Mike’s first contribution is to sack Bruce’s wife Debbie, while up in Newcastle Mike’s staff stop showing up for work in protest at Bruce’s management style.

All of which makes for interesting viewing and no doubt has the bigwigs at Channel 4 rubbing their hands in glee and dreaming up new variations on the same theme.

May we humbly suggest Pet Swap, in which sweet 80-year-old Mrs Higgins hands over her beloved pet budgerigar to “security executive” Billy Knuckles and gets his pit-bull terrier named Saddam to look after in return.’

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