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By Hook Or By Crook

by | 21st, January 2004

‘THE importance of the newspaper’s role in our lives cannot be overstated.

The Jeremy Beadle of Bin Laden TV

This is especially so of the Sun, which leads with a shot of the Captain Cook of his generation, hook-handed Muslim cleric Abu Hamza.

The Sun cannot believe that, one year after it first called for the hooded claw to be deported, he is still here.

If the Government’s choosing to ignore the Sun, the paper is in a state of something approaching deep shock.

‘A year ago today, the Sun called for Egyptian-born Hamza to be kicked out under the headline: Sling Your Hook,’ writes the paper. ‘And even HE finds it incredible he is still here.’

Even HE? The suggestion is that if Hamza has learnt one thing during his stay in the UK – other than how to make full use of the benefits system (his wife receives a precise £1,030.65 a week in benefits) – it is the might of the Sun newspaper.

But in its haste to ululate about Hamza’s being here, the Sun has missed the Star’s scoop.

There, readers learn that the BBC – the same BBC that sacked dear old Kilroy a few days back – has hired the head of ‘pro-terror TV channel’, Al- Jazeera.

Ibrahim Helal has landed a job at dear old aunty, where he will lecture Middle Eastern journalists in ‘BBC impartiality’ at a body called The BBC World Service Trust.

At the Express, the Star’s sister paper and employer of a certain Kilroy, the story is worthy of a front-page spot and the headline, ‘NOW BBC SIGNS UP BIN LADEN TV CHIEF’.

We have never watched Bin Laden TV, but wonder how much worse it can be than Kilroy’s efforts.

Videos of the eponymous and outspoken boss sitting in his lair, upsetting the watching world with his destructive views are painful.

But can Bin Laden TV be any worse…?’

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