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All Smoke And No Fire

by | 22nd, January 2004

‘IT is time to get tough on crime. And if you can’t catch the group often known as the “real criminals”, why not outlaw some normal activities and nab people for doing those?

The new Scouse joint has no weed – just lots of illegal tobacco

And let’s start with smoking. Since Tony Blair doesn’t smoke, it might as well be banned. So Liverpool council leaders are pressing ahead with plans to ban smoking from all public places in their city.

The Mail says that the drive for a ban is being led by a group called Smoke Free Liverpool (SML).

While not exactly The Beatles, or even Gerry And The Pacemakers, SFL does boast a line up of councillors, leaders of industry and people the paper calls “health bosses”.

And where one city goes, others follow. The Sun has news of Paul Ambler, who has been fined £50 by an undercover policeman for dropping his cigarette to the ground in Leeds.

Pictured with a burning ember in hand, “outraged” Ambler tells all.

“It is an extortionate fine for a trivial offence,” says he. “They are picking on soft targets and doing this rather than targeting hardened criminals.”

What’s more, the paper learns that motorists who flick cigarette butts from car windows will also be traced and fined.

And if joined–up Government works as it should, these motoring felons will soon be banged up, adding a healthy glow to David Blunkett’s crusade on crime and a clearer view of John Prescott’s integrated transport policy.’

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