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Mars Attacks!

by | 26th, January 2004

‘HAVING discovered that King George III was not really mad and that boars make wonderful dinner companions, we take a trip to the Scottish town of Cowie Harbour.

Scottish scientists discover why the dinosaurs really died out

To many of a low brow, this is the town that gave the world the deep-fried Mars bar, that heart-attack inducing lump of fat-coated confectionary.

But the Times wants us to look on the place again, and if we can aim our collective gaze towards a smear in a rock, so much the better.

For there, we can see, as the Times does, a small indentation less than a centimetre long that marks the final resting place of a millipede that lived and died 420 million years ago.

This is the fossil of the earliest known living creature to have survived on dry land. As such, Cowie Harbour is the veritable cradle of life on Earth.

ItÂ’s the place where you can trace the full timeline of the miracle of life, from its first tentative steps all those millions of years ago to its final pitiful stagger from the pub into the chippie.’

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