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TV’s Jane

by | 26th, January 2004

‘LOOKING at Victoria and David’s sizzling sex play is like trying to watch porn on cable without paying the subscription: you get glimpses of flesh but no real idea of what’s going where.

Also available for circumcisions

It’s like that with today’s celebrities. Few of us know what these celebs do, only that they periodically appear on TV in programmes that salute their celebrity standing.

Around one year ago, few apart from the bed-bound and mentally infirm had the first idea who Linda Barker was.

A role as a professional celebrity on I’m A Celebrity… made her instantly recognisable to the world at large as “that woman off the telly”, and put her in line for a range of TV cameos.

She advertised electrical goods, hair dye and sofas. “With DFS sofas,” says the woman off the Curry’s advert, ”I have a real input with the designs.

“Before I started with them, they weren’t doing modular sofas, but they’re coming into the stores now, and I’ve also chosen the fabrics, like linen.”

But behind the TV adverts, the celebrity status and the “sparkling smile” lies a sadness. Linda has one regret.

“I would have loved a bigger family, but it wasn’t to be,” says the woman off the discount sofa ad. “You’ve got to look on the bright side.” That you do.

“I’m a big animal fan – we’ve got two cats, two dogs, a rabbit and a guinea pig. I’m not saying animals are child substitutes, but you just have to get on and make the most of life.”

And if you make the most of it in modular form and from linen, make sure you give Linda the credit she deserves…’

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