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Das Kilt

by | 28th, January 2004

‘YOU wouldn’t think anyone would want to admit to inventing tartan kilts, far less wear the things, but they have become quite the thing in Austria after archaeologists claimed that it was their country that invented them.

The Austrian claim is based on the discovery of what they claim is the oldest piece of tartan in the world – at a place called Molzbichl in Carinthia.

Thomas Rettl, owner of a clothing company, said: “The Celts who conquered Scotland originally came from Europe, which would back our claim to have had the kilt first.

‘The tartan sample found in Austria was dated to at least 320 years BC – over 1,600 years earlier than the oldest Scottish tartan which was made in 1,300 AD.’

But the Scots are unfazed, even helping the Austrians with the manufacture of the man-skirt.

Brian Wilton, of the Scottish Tartans Authority, said the oldest tartan authenticated was actually found in China 500 years before the time of Tutankhamun.’

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