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The Fat Of The Land

by | 30th, January 2004

‘IF B can be C, then why can’t fat be thin? Of course, it can, it’s just a matter of relativity.

The dear departed

For instance, if you are fat in London, you may well just be portly in Stock-on-Tent or even svelte in Manchester.

A survey by Men’s Fitness magazine, as seen by the Guardian, has discovered that Manchester is Britain’s fattest city.

The survey took in 22 cities and included in its data collection, fat consumption, drinking habits, incidence of heart disease and number of fast-food outlets.

These evils were balanced against gym membership, number and availability of open spaces and consumption of fruit and veg.

And the result is that people living in Manchester are fatter than those in Liverpool, Belfast and even Newcastle.

Quite some shock, although we should note that this is only an average and were Victoria Beckham still living in the Manchester locale, Manchester would be a far slimmer place.

It would also have more vegetables and open spaces…’

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