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Keeping Up With Dr Jones

by | 30th, January 2004

‘IF Brad Pitt’s boxer shorts and double espressos fail to impress Jennifer’s ovaries, the couple could always light a spliff and flick though an adoption agency’s brochure.

Harrison Ford and a Twiglet

This way at least Jen would get the two perfect children she dreams of having – one boy and one girls – and avoid any unpleasantness, like pregnancy and less attractive offspring.

It was the preferred route for Calista Flockhart, who adopted little Liam, rather than opt for a natural fertilisation and birth, and the bonus chance of going down in history as the first mother to weigh less than her placenta.

But while Calista stays at home, her manfriend, Harrison Ford, was spotted out partying in the less salubrious environs of San Felipe on the Baja peninsular.

Having flown down there in one of his six planes, Ford picked his way over the drug dealers and homeless people who, we are told, line the streets in those parts, and made for a seedy local bar.

There, so the story goes, he ordered a number of drinks, the imbibing of which caused him to stumble and wind up under the bar.

But the truly amazing thing, as one onlooker tells us, is that even in mid-tumble, he didn’t spill a drop of his beer.

Which makes him something of a hero among staff at Anorak and someone who clearly hasn’t let his work with stuntmen go to waste.’

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