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The Name’s Bond

by | 7th, February 2004

‘JENNY Bond’s mum’s phone bill must by now have overtaken the GDP of a small Central American republic as her daughter’s continued survival in the jungle continues to amaze.

Viewers voted to see the back of Alex

Alex Best was booted out last night, leaving the former BBC royal correspondent as one of only five contestants still left. Kerry McPudding has taken over from Lord Brockett as favourite to win.

Best, whose one claim to fame was her marriage to a man whose claim to fame is that he used to be a very good footballer and is now just a very bad drunk, said the main problem in the camp was boredom.

One suspects that that will be less of a problem for the remaining five now that the former air stewardess has left.

Ben Affleck coined the phrase “conversational smorgasbord” the other day; with Best, it is like arriving at the conversational breakfast buffet at 10.05am to find that everything has just been cleared away.

Come on, Jenny Bond!’

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