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A Few Bad Apples

by | 9th, February 2004

‘RESEARCH has told us that Abu Hamza is not a gypsy, has never been a gypsy and is therefore anything but a threat to the nation.

Abu’s retractabel claw made him the best apple-picker in town

The editors at the Express must be wondering why then the Sun wants the hook-handed (surely disabled) Muslim preacher evicted from his house and sent back whence he originated?

Has Hamza been a gypsy in another life, had his palm read by a gypsy or knowingly consorted with gypsies at, say, a fairground, circus or travelling fair?

If he has, his lawyer is certain to get to the bottom of things, since she, says the Sun, is a highly-paid professional who “raked in” more than £200,000 of taxpayers’ cash last year.

She is Muddassar Arani, and among the shocking facts about her are that she defends the rights of Abu Hamza and drives a Mercedes motor car.

What’s more, she once produced a booklet in which she advised potential clients to “state to the officer you need to seek legal advice”.

This is clearly a terrible woman who must be done down and shown up for the lawyer she is.

Is it any wonder how with people like her around this country is going the way of so many dogs? Make no mistake, things are not what they used to be.

The Mail agrees, and says that the disintegration of this country’s fabric is even affecting our good old English apple.

In “why an apple a day is not as good as it used to be”, the Mail notices how domestic fruit and vegetables are being stripped of their natural goodness.

They are becoming rotten apples, so to speak, infected by the atmosphere in which they grow, an air thick with foreign accents, disabled extremists and lawyers.

To speak nothing of the foreign hands and hooks that pluck them from trees at a rate of so many pence per hour.’

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