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Blast Those Horns!

by | 11th, February 2004

‘HAS anyone else noticed how annoying that woman announcer at Paddington station is?

‘The train now arriving on Platform 14 and part of Platform 15…’

At 7:45am, the last thing you need is someone with a voice from central casting perforating your eardrums with her round-up of the day’s rail disasters.

And can her colleagues kindly desist from slamming the train doors? Please. Trap you finger in the door if you have to, so long as they don’t slam and you don’t scream.

And can the drivers not use the horns on those sparkling new trains? We don’t care if they serve to keep you awake, they are annoying.

It is not just us – the Telegraph reports that people living close to railway tracks have complained about broken sleep and regular disturbances brought about whenever drivers blast their horns.

The Noise Abatement Society (NAS) has received many letters in which people complain about excess rail nose.

A spokesman for NAS says that the noise is so loud (it can reach 120 decibels), it’s leaving people ‘disorientated and traumatised’.

So letting everyone who doesn’t travel by train know what it is to do so.’

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