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A Class Act

by | 16th, February 2004

‘REMEMBER the Nineties?

‘My children had a good education, so yours didn’t have to’

‘Wonderwall’, ‘Macarena’, ‘Education, Education, Education’…

When Tony Blair serenaded the nation with his education song, it looked like he would be top of the pops forever.

But all good things must come to an end, and now he has parted company with his chief speechwriter Peter Hyman, who was also responsible for Five Election Pledges, the groundbreaking concept album that allowed Tony to shake off the grannies-and-kiddies image and attract a serious heavyweight audience for the first time.

The Guardian reports that Mr Hyman has not taken the usual route into a highly paid job. Instead he has become a teaching assistant.

Not only that, but he is working at Islington Green – the school that Tony Blair’s children would have attended, had he not taken the noble step of sending them to establishments outside his borough, thus freeing-up much-needed places for local pupils whose families are not in a position to pick and choose.

Well done, Mr Hyman. And well done, Tony!’

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